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Robert Deblanc with the original"Little Anthony and the Imperials "     HBO Special- Live at Rockin Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert Madison Square Gardens- New York

History Makers Interview Biography 

Robert Michael DeBlanc was born on September 21 1954 in Los Angeles, California. Born to a family of both Creole and African American heritage, DeBlanc's parents were originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana. DeBlanc first became interested in music while participating in an eighth grade chorus group. His older brother was an aspiring vocalist in a semi-professional group at this time.  

In the 1970s, Deblanc was a regular guest at the Mavericks Flat, a local music venue, where he was first noticed by music industry elites. In 1972, Deblanc graduated from Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. Afterwards, he wanted to go to California State University in Los Angeles, like his older brother, to pursue a degree in marketing, but instead he pursued his musical career as a background singer for Marvin Gaye, and Aretha Franklin.


Deblanc got his break into the music industry in 1976 when he auditioned as a background singer for Marvin Gaye. He and four other vocalists were chosen out of 1000's of people. He found himself on a major tour with one of the most popular artists in the world at that time. He stayed in the group for four years until Marvin Gaye left the country. Deblanc joined other show bands and toured the world for over 20 years playing for incredible audiences and elite performances. Seoul Olympics, Royal command performanc opening for the Two Ronnies at London Palladium. HBO Rockin Roll Hall of Fame Concert at Madison Square Gardens. Bob Hope Show. Malt Shop memories Cruise, Radio City Music Hall, The View, ABC Network.   to name a few. 

After touring the world to over 80 countries he decided to make Australia his home. In 1990, Deblanc married Billie Cole, an Australian jazz singer. They performed together for several years all over Australia. They moved back to the U.S. and have been living in Las Vegas, Nevada ever since. Robert performed at all the major casino's in Las Vegas as well as traveling with various established vocal groups. He is also a member of  "Little Anthony & The Imperials" a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rhythm and Blues group and continues to tour. He was inducted into the Smithsonian Institute with the Library of congress for his life time musical contribution.

Robert Deblanc was interviewed by The HistoryMakers on November   2007. 



                          FLAMINGO CASINO LAS VEGAS

Bubba Knight-"Gladis Knight and the Pips"                                                         

Robert Deblanc-"Little Anthony and the Imperials"                                                                         " The Las Vegas Mafia AKA The Flashbacks"                                                                Little Anthony and the Imperials Live at Madison Square Gardens.

Gladis Knight Lamont MaClemore-"5th Dimension"

Harry Elston-"Friends of Distinction"  Sonny Turner-"The platters"