"Experiencing the world through music"




Billie Cole-Master Vocal Coach, Singer, Songwriter, Producer.

 Voting Grammy Member of the Recording Academy- Los Angeles.

 Biilie Cole Born In Australia moved to the U.S.A in 1997, where she performed for 10 years on the Las Vegas Strip in many of the Casino's Luxor, Paris, MGM Grand, Excalibur, Circus Circus, Fiesta and many of the Jazz spots in Vegas. Her first passion is singing Jazz. Then equally is writing and composing music of all styles.

"I love expressing myself in Music it is the doorway to our soul"

My most creative moment is when I play another original finished song that's finally come together. It feels so good! I love to experiment in all different styles of writing from club music to classical. I've produced and written broadway musical score "Gangster 45" punk, R&B, Jazz, Rap, Country, Reggae, Blues, Pop, Italian, Spanish and Rock Music.

"All music is great as long as it feels good"

My other passion and greatest joy comes from developing new talent, taking an artist to a level they never dreamed possible. I love to see a young Artist who starts to sing a song and they are shocked at the magic that transpires from within them... Those are the moments, that make it all worthwhile!

"I could not imagine a life without music"

Billie & John Legend Backstage at Madison Square Gardens New York Rockin Roll 25th hall of Fame concert