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Photo's Musical Memories!

Madison Square Gardens HBO Rockin Roll hall of Fame 25th anniversay show- backstage interview

John Legend & Billie

Robert Deblanc, Sting and Billie Cole

Robert, John Foggerty (Creeedence Clear Water), Billie

Smokey Robinson & Robert

Little Anthony, James Taylor, Bonnie Rait and Jackson Browne

Billie & Bonnie Rait

Smokey Robinson & Billie

Robert , Ernest Wright( Imperials), Jackson Browne

Clarence Collins( Imperials), Stevie Wonder, Little Anthony

Paul Simon and Robert

Frankie Avalon, Sock Hop Cruise

Clarence Collins, Florence Larue  (5th dimension), Little anthony, Freda Payne (bring the boys home,band of Gold), Robert & SHAFT (Richard Roundtree

Tony Curtis & Billie

Billie Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Sam Moore, John Foggerty, Unknown, Jackson Browne

Bubba Knight (The Pips),Robert Deblanc, Gladis Knight, Lamont McLemore (5th  Dimension), Harry Elston (Friends of Distinction), Sonny Turner (The Platters)

Stevie and Josh Groban-

Starry Nights David Fosters House malibu

Photo by Billie Cole

Natasha Beddingfield & stevie

Photo By Billie Cole

David Foster on Piano and Babyface at Starry Nights -David Foster private Party malibu CA

Oprah and Stedman at Daivid Foster's house Party Honoring

David Foster Grammy Foundation event ..... It was a dream to meet Oprah!!!!!

David Foster and Yolanda at Starry Nights

Quincy Jones at Starry Nights Event

Billie Red Carpet Starry nights Quincy Jones honor

Keith, Lamont Mclemore, Harry Elston,David Guess, Bubba Knight

Robert Deblanc Kickin it Old School

Tom Jones at Starry Nights

Gil askey Musical Arranger and Director for Motown, Diana Ross, Temptations, Jackson 5

Simon and Garfunkel Madison arena New York sound check

Springsteen and Bono Sound check New York 2009

Bono with fergie and Black eyed peas HBO new york 2009