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National Events &  Vocal Workshop Tour 


Private Singing Classes with Master Coach Billie Cole

Studio Location in Las Vegas/ Henderson Nevada. All Prices in U.S.A. Currency.

$150.00-60 Minute Session

$80.00-30 Minute Session

Private Singing Classes with Professionally trained Deblanc Music Coaches

$120.00-60 Minute Session

$60.00-30 Minute Session


Skype Classes Available (Paid 24hrs in advance) please contact Deblanc Music Entertainment

directly to schedule your appointment. (702)207-9244 

$120.00 - 60 minutes

$60.00 - 30 minutes


Pro Singer intensive Bootcamp Vocal Session (PRIVATE SESSION)

with Master Coach Billie Cole and Robert Deblanc (8 hour Minimum) ALL DAY-In Studio Session

$999.00 all inclusive.  


Pro Singer intensive Bootcamp Vocal Session (GROUP SESSION)

with Master Coach Billie Cole  (4 hour Minimum) In Studio



Recording and Songwriting Session (5 hours)


Piano Lessons with Master Sandra Benson 

$45-30 mins

$90-60 mins

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<option value="30 min Vocal Class">30 min Vocal Class $80.00 USD</option>
<option value="60 min Vocal Class">60 min Vocal Class $150.00 USD</option>
<option value="Elite Vocal Class Private">Elite Vocal Class Private $999.00 USD</option>
<option value="Elite Vocal Class Group">Elite Vocal Class Group $200.00 USD</option>
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 *For all classes, including, Online - facetime - Workshop -prices please register below. For Further Inquiries or questions please call                      Directly - 702-207-9244

Payment can be made below!